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At 9,075 feet, the town of Frisco has an average growing season of 30 frost free days. Wandering down Main Street highlights how well Frisco takes advantage of this short summer season. Their beautiful planters and medians are filled with a riot of color and textures inviting you to meander down the street.

But intense sunlight and desiccating winds can create some real gardening constraints in Frisco. Mt Royal looms large and poses challenges by casting deep shadows and creating pockets of cold air that flow from this majestic mountain. Yet, we have designed and created water features, patios, rock walls, walkways, irrigation systems and gardens here of all sizes and varieties.

It is important to select hardy native plants while orienting your outdoor spaces to take advantage of microclimates, sun orientation, soil conditions, and views. Call us to today to see why 9 out of 10 projects come from repeat or referred customers.

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Hood Landscaping has been a valuable asset for my husband and me. We have a place in Frisco which we visit infrequently, but we wanted our garden areas to be attractive. Ed and Molly Hood went right into their landscaping mode and put together a lovely plan for us. In their professional manner they installed an irrigation system, prepped the soil and grades, built a rock retaining wall, laid a flagstone patio, built stone steps and planted a lovely garden area. Their knowledge and capabilities range widely. I very much enjoy working with Molly in the ongoing maintenance of this area.


Joyce Brown
Frisco, CO

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The Hood Advantage

Quality That Begins Below the Surface

With landscaping, the parts you don’t see are just as important as the parts that that you do see. The key to a vibrant garden, as well as a long lasting patio, is knowledgeable and diligent soil preparation.

Many companies will provide a lower bid, but we’ll prevent the costly problems caused by cutting corners. Our thorough prepping process is the Hood Advantage – an excellent assurance your beautiful spaces will stay beautiful. Learn how our project prep acts as invaluable insurance for your spaces.