Plan Your Steps

Custom Designed Steps

Steps can be an integral aspect of our mountain environment. 

They can connect the various elements of your outdoor living spaces. Steps can improve the aesthetic of your home by adding rhythm and structure to the landscape. 

Whether you want natural stone, brick paver, or pressure treated lumber, let our team of professionals guide you through the process.  

We are installation experts certified by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute.


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Retaining Walls


Fire Features

Water Features


Thanks for keeping our gardens looking so beautiful this summer. The only problem with you guys is that you are so darn addicting.
Joseph Beall
Keystone Ranch Homeowner
TCC Front Yard

The Hood Advantage

Quality That Begins Below the Surface

With landscaping, the parts you don’t see are just as important as the parts that that you do see. The key to a vibrant garden, as well as a long lasting patio, is knowledgeable and diligent soil preparation.

Many companies will provide a lower bid, but we’ll prevent the costly problems caused by cutting corners. Our thorough prepping process is the Hood Advantage – an excellent assurance your beautiful spaces will stay beautiful. Learn how our project prep acts as invaluable insurance for your spaces.