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What makes landscaping at high altitude so different?

High altitude gardening is challenging. The climate above 9,000’ can be wildly unpredictable. Unique soil conditions prevent many flowers and shrubs from growing. Atmospheric influences and micro-climates add to the complication. Certain plant species will only thrive if given very specific care at high altitudes.

It takes special expertise and years of experience to fully understand how to work within and adjust to the seemingly endless variables that affect landscaping and gardening in the Colorado high country.

With over 75 years of experience among our team of experts, we have extensive high-altitude landscaping and gardening knowledge, and we apply our unique skills and expertise to your spaces so that they survive, thrive, and endure the variable climates and harsh high-altitude conditions here in Summit County.

We’ve served countless customers here in the Colorado High Country. Have a look at some actual case studies to gain an understanding of how we turn your landscaping and garden visions into realities.


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Now in our fifth year of using Hood Landscaping, our second home in Keystone is looking better than ever. Hood’s promptness, invoicing and overall service level is only exceeded by the additional enjoyment we have experienced from care-free maintenance of our Colorado home.
Jonathan and Lisa Browne
West Ranch, Keystone, CO
hood advantage

The Hood Advantage

Quality That Begins Below the Surface

With landscaping, the parts you don’t see are just as important as the parts that that you do see. The key to a vibrant garden, as well as a long lasting patio, is knowledgeable and diligent soil preparation.

Many companies will provide a lower bid, but we’ll prevent the costly problems caused by cutting corners. Our thorough prepping process is the Hood Advantage – an excellent assurance your beautiful spaces will stay beautiful. Learn how our project prep acts as invaluable insurance for your spaces.